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Friday, March 20 2015
Public Charity: Does your organization pass the test? To be a public charity, an organization must meet one of the Internal Revenue Code Section 509(a) tests. This article focuses on the first listed test, Section 509(a)(1), and the ramifications for a charitable organization described in this section. To understand 509(a)(1), it is helpful to understand the alternative 509(a)(2) test. Future more
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Friday, March 20 2015
The Progress Index will publish a special premium edition that explores thw region's role in the Civil War as part of the 150th anniversary of the conflict. The edition looks at the major events of the Civil War and the Petersburg Siege, including the major battles fought in our midst. The edition will look at why Petersburg became the primary battlefield in the final year of the war and what more
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Tuesday, March 17 2015
Spread your wings and soar like never before in 2015! Best wishes! Are You Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result? In business, we tend to run so fast focusing on the results that there is hardly time to look at our current hiring processes to evaluate if there is a better way to truly impact our bottom line results through our people assets. This is how it works... Managers call a more
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Tuesday, March 17 2015
Making Sense of Nutrition Labels Learning to maintain a healthy weight is more important than ever. The percentage of Americans who are overweight or obese is increasing. The nutrition label on packaged foods is one of the easiest tools available to help you watch your weight. The label gives you a guide for both calories and nutrition. It lets you know what's in the foods you eat. At first more
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Tuesday, March 03 2015
Property Managers and Landlords What is A simple, easy and effective rental listing website providing you with 24/7 access to Service members searching for available property rental listings near U.S. Military Installations. A comprehensive web based system to help manage your property rental listing inventory. The only DoD-sponsored rental listing website used by Military Housing more
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